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CASA Pitzer Celebrates 25 Years of Community Activism in the Inland Empire

CASA Pitzer students and staff take a group photo in front of an orange wall with CASA Pitzer's name and mission in white text.
CASA Pitzer students, staff, 社区成员 at the 25th anniversary gala

关键行动 & Social Advocacy (CASA) Pitzer has experienced many transformations during its 25 years of justice-oriented learning and col劳动ation. Today CASA Pitzer resides in downtown Ontario in the historic Frankish Building—where murals, 自然光线, 斜书架, 舒适的家具欢迎每一个进来的人. 正是在这里,活动家研究和社区建设合二为一.

最初被称为安大略省的值得信赖的十大棋牌娱乐平台, CASA Pitzer advances critical analysis and community p艺术nerships around issues in incarceration, 移民, indigeneity, 教育, 环境, 劳动, 艺术, 文化, 和健康. CASA Pitzer带来了当地居民, 组织者, 积极分子, 艺术家, and nonprofits together with Pitzer 教师 and students to enact change.


CASA Pitzer’s academic program includes two courses: Critical Community Studies and Research Methods for Community Change. The program facilitates student fellowships and community-based p艺术icipatory action research with ten core community p艺术ners.

“CASA Pitzer brings the theories to life by engaging what they look like in real time,CASA Pitzer主任泰莎·希克斯·彼得森说. “We are navigating complexities that require rigorous study but also innovative solutions. To wrestle with how these issues impact different people is so different when you have relationships with them.”

CASA Pitzer has the same founders as the Community Engagement Center (CEC): Lourdes Arguelles, 前教授, 和Alan P. 琼斯,名誉教授和前教务长. They established the program to offer students “academic structure and experiential opportunity to develop and practice local citizenship.”

Students chat as they sit in a circle on the carpet and on the couches in CASA Pitzer’s living room space.
CASA Pitzer学生在25周年庆典上

While the CEC facilitates community engagement at large for the College, CASA Pitzer是一个基于地点的项目, three-credit program that works with one cohort of 14 students every semester. Students take their classes in the community center and complete a 125-hour fellowship, 希克斯·彼得森所说的“提供了什么? 深深沉浸在内陆帝国的文化中.”

“很少有地方拥有我们所拥有的, which is an off-campus community center that involves these longitudinal research projects for students to engage deeply and hands on,希克斯·彼得森说. “People all over the country come to see CASA and learn from the model.”

CASA Pitzer fulfills requirements for five different 专业 and three graduation requirements; it is deeply ingrained in the College’s 教育al mission. 获得经济援助的学生也可以将CASA Pitzer计算为勤工俭学.


CASA Pitzer also offers scholar-in-residence 项目 to cultivate more interaction between students, 教师, 社区成员. The CASA Community Scholar in Residence for professors is a key p艺术 of building CASA Pitzer’s teaching capacity.

作为目前CASA的学者, Professors Steffanie Guillermo and Jemma Lorenat are reimagining their work through community-based 教育 and creating additional CASA classes. 在社区伙伴的支持下, 吉列尔莫正在教授一门值得信赖的十大棋牌娱乐平台警察心理偏见的课程, Lorenat教授数据科学伦理和正义. 两人都将回到CASA Pitzer教授主要的研究方法课程.

Hicks Peterson’s goal is for CASA Pitzer to encompass more organizations, 专业, 学生群体, 和老师. CASA Pitzer正在朝着这个目标大步迈进. 教师名册已扩大到包括社会学教师, 组织研究, 心理学, 数学, 和更多的. 希克斯·彼得森说,在未来几年内, CASA Pitzer hopes to solely rely on full-time 教师 instead of adjunct professors.


Another major goal is the cultivation of CASA Pitzer as a vibrant community center in its Ontario location. Multiple organizations use the space to host events for grassroots organizing, 教育, 几乎每天都在看艺术.

临时主席潘栋梁, 安大略省市长保罗·利昂, 以及Pitzer和安大略社区成员 stand in front of the CASA Ontario building while cutting an orange ribbon.
Ribbon cutting ceremony in 2016 at CASA Ontario with 临时主席潘栋梁, 安大略省市长保罗·利昂, 以及Pitzer和安大略社区成员

“There’s a greater sense of ownership for the community to know that Pitzer is a p艺术ner and that space is theirs, 太,希克斯·彼得森说.

CASA Pitzer received an anonymous $250K donation last year to grow the community center and academic programming. 去年秋天, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians gave a grant to Pitzer that includes support for CASA Pitzer’s three-year oral histories project in col劳动ation with Native and Indigenous communities. 今年夏天, North Atlantic Book Press is publishing CASA Pitzer’s ongoing work in restorative and healing justice through the Know Justice, 了解和平倡议.

CASA Pitzer致力于追求道德, reciprocal relationships with local organizations and base students’ research on what those organizations want and need. Students come away with a burning passion to continue their on-the-ground work.

“CASA Pitzer is an experience that impacts people so deeply,希克斯·彼得森说. “校友 from 15 years ago share about how it altered what they did in grad school, 他们选择的职业, 以及他们今天如何与社区和家庭互动.”

访问 www.比萨.edu/casa-比萨 for more information about CASA Pitzer and our community p艺术ners, who are co-educators in this work.


Pitzer College is a 国家ly top-ranked undergraduate liberal 艺术s and sciences institution. 克莱蒙特学院的成员, Pitzer offers a distinctive approach to a liberal 艺术s 教育 by linking intellectual inquiry with interdisciplinary studies, 文化感受, 社会责任, 社区参与. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.比萨.edu.